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The functionality of a web page

Your website is a direct representation of your company and your personality online. From this point of view, creating and maintaining a website becomes a major information tool if you want to have the best online impression possible. The truth is that the success of your online business relies on designing websites that can empower or ruin it. The importance of having an online presence is well known, but the importance of having a good web design is still a fairly subjective concept.

Here are some features and components of a well-functioning website:
A good website should be easy to navigate.
A website that is easy to use is important because if the visitor finds it difficult to navigate from one page to another, he or she will get frustrated and leave it. Attracting frustrated visitors to come back to visit the site is extremely difficult.

Have a clear indication of where the user is
The website visitor should always have a clear indication of which web page they are on and how they got there, making navigation easier.

The URL should be easy to remember
One of the most common mistakes in site design is choosing the right domain name. Your domain name should be easy to remember and easy to articulate.

Website should be easy to find / search
Although, once upon a time, the ‘if you build it, customers will come’ approach worked for websites – not today. Due to the fact that there are millions of web pages on the internet, it is important that you ensure that your website ranks as high as possible in the search engine results and is easy to find.

Website has to work in multiple browsers
Gone are the days when the only Internet browser everyone used was Netscape. Today, there are various internet browsers that people prefer to use. Thus, it becomes essential that your site be able to load in the browser – whether you are using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

Content needs to be updated frequently
The key factor that drives a website towards success is content. If the content is not updated frequently, web visitors have no reason to visit the site frequently. Updating content on a regular basis becomes difficult if you do not know HTML and have to rely on a webmaster, who may not always be available.

Eliminate Clutter
Another common mistake many people make is to put as much content as they can on a page. Often, many people put so much information together that the visitor has an information overload.

Website customization is important because it allows webmasters to organize and then see how the content will be defined on the website. By selecting a certain layout pattern, you can then set certain features

We hope you find this article useful and implement these features to give visitors a better experience when they visit your website.