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One Click is a great Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency

One Click is a great Digital Marketing Agency. We specialize in crafting awesome digital marketing strategies. From expert PPC management and Search Engine Optimization, to Social Media and other inbound marketing tactics, we help businesses grow.


You’re here because you didn’t make a website for the sake of making one… chances are that if you did, then you wouldn’t be reading this webpage at all. You need the right people clicking the right buttons at the right time.


By working with One Click, you get access to a team of Digital Marketing Experts that will help you dominate rank on page 1 for the most important search terms in your industry.

Website Design Services

When you interview someone to join your team, how important is that first impression? Your Website Design is exactly that to your potential customer. Make sure you put your best foot forward with artistically beautiful, data-driven Web Design decisions.

Website Development Services

To ensure satisfaction and mitigate project risk, we work using an agile Website Development methodology. This means that before we move from one milestone to the next, we make sure you are 100% comfortable and ready for the next growth sprint.

Ai Enhanced PPC Management

Paid advertising, like a Google Ads (formerly “Adwords”) campaign is like buying web traffic at an auction… Each of our experts, individually, has experience managing the growth of campaigns with budgets starting from a few thousand dollars per week to an excess of $300k per month. Let our Google certified experts lead you to value.

Email Marketing

Can’t we agree that there is simply way too much spam in the world? Make sure your email marketing strategy delivers content that is in context and on topic. Maximize your ROI by working to ensure that your marketing targets connecting with the value you’re offering.

Content Marketing

Your marketing content should collapse sales cycles and accelerate revenue. Does yours? The fact is that good content is critical to SEO growth and it should cater to your customers’ needs at each step in their buying journey. Be known as THE thought leader of your industry.

LinkedIn B2B Leads

Does your profile create 3 to 5 warm, meaningful B2B leads per week? What would that be worth to your business? Our custom LinkedIn lead generation campaigns leverage the Sales Navigator and an Email nurture campaign to attract and convert new business for you.

Paid Advertising Solutions

Get More Customers

One Click is a great PPC advertising company. Through every Digital Marketing tactic we employ, we work with you to create digital strategies that will earn you a strong return on investment. When perfectly executed, the best Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising services will help you show up on Page 1 of Google, Bing, or Yahoo …and we won’t max out your budget to get you there.


To boost conversions, we will also build campaign specific landing pages to attract your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) visitors so they stick around and become customers. We will constantly monitor your results, reporting our success back to you on a weekly or monthly basis, and ultimately serve as a true extension of your own team.

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The PPC Marketing Platforms We Dominate

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Search Engine Optimization

Live on Page 1 of Google

Our SEO generates sustaining revenue and market dominance. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is truly a commitment and also one of the most commonly misunderstood things by business owners.

Don’t make the wrong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) investment – in some cases, business owners underinvest and see a negative ROI and in others, they simply pay too much for the wrong tactics. We’ll show you how a Content Marketing Strategy drives SEO growth and helps you win new customers while keeping your competitors at bay.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Build Relationships With Your Customers

What’s the trend this week? Did you see that cat video on Facebook or learn the new TikTok dance? No… well did you at least connect with a future customer on LinkedIn?

You were probably busy, working on your business. It’s a challenge for business owners to keep up with the demand of ever-evolving Social Media Marketing sites. That’s why we stay on top of it for you.

Be Relevant, Be Timely, Go Viral

We offer lead generating, product selling, customer acquiring, affordable Social Media Marketing Services. We’ll make your brand relevant and timely, ensuring consistency, and creating value across the most important Social Media Platforms.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing Solutions

Make Every Email Count

One Click is the Best Email Marketing Agency. Why do so many businesses rely on Email Marketing Services? The fact is that even if you don’t like them, the average ROI of Email Marketing is 38:1. So when it comes time for you to determine how to allocate your Email Marketing budget, when you compare this versus that, counting $38 for every $1 invested is compelling.

Our Experienced Digital Marketing Team
Has Completed Over 200 Digital Projects

Our award-winning Web Design & App Development Team is recognized as a Top Digital Marketing Agency. We pride ourselves in creating transformative, Unique Digital Marketing experiences. As a Top Web Design Agency, Custom Mobile Application Agency, & Digital Marketing Agency, we are pleased to serve customers internationally.