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5 problems encountered during SEO strategy

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a widely used technique recently. As one of the broadest areas of digital marketing, it has become an important technique. A headline nowadays, where many companies focus totally on this strategy.

Our company has been offering such services for years and has some tips for you. Where details make the difference, One Click shows you the problems commonly encountered during SEO strategies .

1.Titles and Meta Description

The importance of Titles (usually heading 1 usually) and Meta Description is often overlooked. These two elements consist of placing titles usually on the homepage and the META description (specific description of the site being optimized)

If the SEO strategy has a beginning to implement all the steps, titles and meta descriptions are the first and simplest step.

2. Internal redirects

It is one of the most commonly used techniques. In-page redirects are a measure which is much preferred by google bots. The problem is that many times, these links are damaged, or deleted. The moment the internal links are no longer active, the SEO configuration is no longer active.

As a measure that damages the site, we should always keep in mind that we check the links from time to time or we should enable automatic redirection of links. Interweb can offer this to you.

3. Performance measuring tools

Already in the modern world of internet, metric measuring tools are an indispensable tool. Many SEO experts choose not to use applications like  Google Analytics ,  Google Search Console , etc. etc.

SEO is a strategy that will monitor 24/7 to determine as accurately as possible, all the solutions that need to be focused.

Every time we define SEO technicians towards a site we need to maintain a monitoring system to get the best out of all the advertising campaigns. Information about your visitors is an indisputable treasure.

4. The content of the site is secret

No matter how professional you may be about SEO strategies and advertising campaigns, the content of the website is quite decisive.

If a page does not have the right content, with SEO oriented texts, with respect to word limits, SEO strategies will fail. Articles or texts built to be as SEO friendly as possible can give you excellent results. Respecting the whole way an article is constructed, SEO friendly text, should never be overlooked. The difference between two websites with SEO friendly articles and bad articles can be checked. There are many different programs that can measure how well constructed your articles and content are.

5. “Cannibalization” of keywords

Keywords are the oxygen of SEO strategists. It is the most functional measure of all advertising platforms based on search engine optimization.

Using keywords that have resulted after a lot of research is a method that brings many benefits to our website. Strangely, “cannibalism” of keywords is a problem that often occurs on websites. Keyword cannibalism is about multiple pages of your web site that have the same keywords. This means that your SERVICES site has the same keywords as your site ABOUT US. It’s a mistake that Google does not tolerate and “punishes” by listing it very low as a search.

You should always focus on following all of Google’s rules   carefully to rank your site as high as possible. In any case the rules do not apply the results are fatal to your site rankings.